Personal data

In order to operate its business, Ingrid Paris, a company with headquarters located in Vincennes, France (94300), is required to collect and process certain information, some of which qualifies as “personal data.” Ingrid Paris is committed to respecting the privacy of users and only uses personal data in a confidential and responsible manner for specific purposes.

On the website, we collect the data that you send us directly, either by email or via the contact form. The contact form requests the “name,” “company,” and “email address” of the user.

We use the personal data that you send to us directly to contact you and/or satisfy your respective inquiry or request.

Personal data is only collected once we have obtained consent from the user. This consent is obtained in a legitimate manner (button or checkbox), freely, clearly, and unequivocally.

Intellectual property

All elements (designs, models, illustrations, images, photographs, logos, brand names, audio recordings, text, etc.) on the website are the exclusive property of Ingrid Paris. Users may not, in any way whatsoever, reproduce, share, or publish content from the Ingrid Paris website, or create works with a similar look and feel as the products on the Ingrid Paris website.


Our products may not be exchanged, returned, or refunded. Each clutch that leaves our workshop is made with the utmost care, checked, and examined with regard to both its leatherwork and feathers.

If you receive a clutch with a defect, please contact us directly (by email or via the contact form) with a description of the defect and photos to allow for the issue to be assessed remotely. You will be contacted as soon as we review this information. Depending on the defect, we may be able to offer you a free partial restoration or a restoration based on a previously-established estimate.

Ingrid Paris encourages responsible dialogue based on mutual trust. If there are any “surprises” with your order, we’ll let you know immediately and offer you the fairest possible solution. 🧘‍♀️